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Micron-size Features,
Sub-micron Accuracy.

Our micronozzle fabrication process was developed to assist a two-phase drop-impingement cooling system for space station electronics. With 10+ micron diameters and sub-micron accuracy, our micro-EDM group has produced over 200 million custom-contoured micronozzles and nozzles plates for jetting applications in industrial inkjet, medical, and scientific markets for nearly 30 years.

Micronozzle fabrication

Mikros Micronozzle Capabilities:

  • Nozzle substrates from any electrically conductive material, typically stainless steel
  • Diameters ranging from 10 to 175 microns with sub-micron accuracy
  • Positional accuracy to less than a micron
  • Shapes in any profile of constant or descending diameter
  • Foil Aspect ratios as low as 10%
  • Surface finishes to Ra=2 micro-inches or less
  • ISO-9001-2015 Certified Design and Manufacturing

Micronozzle Services:

  • Nozzle Design: Collaborate with our design team on optimal nozzle contouring or let us build-to-print
  • Substrate Fabrication: Drill on precision foil or on complex, diffusion-bonded base structures
  • Nozzle Drilling: Optimize your nozzle plate design with single-nozzles or a large nozzle array
  • Precision Inspection: Verify critical features with the latest automated optical inspection technology
  • Laser Marking: Serialize parts with fixed or variable data in alpha-numeric or barcode/QR
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: Receive nozzles plates packaged and clean room ready