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Thermal Management and Microfluidics for Advanced Product Design

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Microchannel Liquid-Cooling Over 1kW/cm2

Mikros’ patented Normal Flow™ microchannels provide industry-leading low thermal resistance and pressure drop, giving designers a greater thermal budget to improve the performance, packaging, and reliability of high heat flux systems.

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M1 Microchannel Cold Plate – 25mm x 25mm

M2 Microchannel Cold Plate – 10mm x 10mm

AX-50 Performance Data 50mmx50mm

TU3 Data Sheet

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EDM Micronozzles With Micron-Level Features

Mikros’ proprietary micro-EDM process produces custom-contoured micronozzles and nozzle assemblies for a wide range microfluidic jetting and dispensing applications, with 10+ micron diameters and sub-micron accuracy.
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